Acrylic paint for wood for exterior

Acrylic paint for wood for exterior

In Russia, a traditional material for the construction of houses has always been considered wood. It is to this day remains one of the major building materials, since it derived from an environmentally clean, comfortable, warm, and beautiful residential buildings. However, there is one negative point that is able to spoil the overall appearance of the house - front wall in two - three years, begin to lose their natural color, darkening and dimming, and the tree cracks.

Acrylic paint for wood for exterior

Acrylic paint for wood for exterior

To avoid these unpleasant symptoms, external wood surfaces need to provide additional protection against weathering. For this purpose, coating materials produced on different bases. Very good performance for such applications has acrylic paint for wood for outdoor use, which is one of the most popular tools. Using this paint will not only help preserve the wood from damage, but also gives an aesthetic structure, and an exclusive appearance.

This publication will be a detailed comparison with other acrylic paint compositions. Next, proceed to examine the issues of acrylic paint consumption and basic technological methods of its application on the wooden facade. Well, as an aid in the choice of material - it will be given a brief overview of the most popular brands among finishers acrylic facade paints.

Comparison of different paints for wooden facades

In order to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of acrylic paint, it makes sense to compare it with other compounds. So, for the decoration and protection of facades of wooden houses are most often used three kinds of colorful compounds made with oil, alkyd and acrylic based.

"Competitors" acrylic paints - "for" and "against"

Oil paints

The main components in the ink composition of the type considered binders and coloring pigment. Binder component often acts as linseed oil, as well as a coloring pigment used mineral finely dispersing powder that does not dissolve in the binder. This component is harder binder, so be sure to produce dense sediment, and before using the paint on the bottom of the package, it should be thoroughly mixed. However, this quality is typical for most formulations.

Oil paint, despite the emergence of new compounds, is still in the top of popularity

Oil paint, despite the emergence of new compounds, is still in the top of popularity

To choose the right oil-based paint, you should familiarize yourself with the options to be brought to the attention of:

  • Besides the main components of the oil-based paints are film-forming components which must be at least 25% of the total weight of the ink. The higher the score, the more durable the coating will be, but these components significantly reduce the viability of the solution after opening the package. In the closed form of the paint can be stored for a long time.
  • In addition to the film forming, it is equally important amounts of volatile substances. Qualitative paint must have at least 10% of the components of the total solution. However, these substances tend to be toxic and harmful to human health, their evaporation occurs at temperatures greater than 20 degrees - you need to consider when planning a painting.
  • The next indicator of the quality of the dye composition is the degree of fineness of the coloring pigment. If the grain size of grinding will be less than 90 m, the paint applied to the surface creates a smooth decorative and protective layer, but if this rate is greater, the surface becomes rough expressed.
  • Consumption of the ink composition depends on paint viscosity and fluidity, and the time of its solidification. Qualitative material on existing standards, must have a viscosity index in the range of 65 ÷ 140 units. (Seconds). Drying time, declared by the manufacturer, must not be more than 48 hours or two days.
  • An important property of oil paint is formed by a hardness of the coating. Especially important in this setting it is when the paint is applied to the exterior trim. The above claimed composition hardness index is, the more durable the coating will be.
  • Hydrophobicity for paints, used for exterior trim must be absolute, and the interior finish composition can have a lower index.
Update facade decoration oil paint wooden house

Update facade decoration oil paint wooden house

Oil paint is almost always used for the renovation of an old wooden house, painted earlier the same composition. The fact is that the paint on a different basis have lower rates of adhesion to the old layer of oil.

Of the characteristics of oil paint are the following its properties:

  • The composition has good adhesion with the prepared (primed varnish) wooden base.
  • There sufficiently low resistance to ultraviolet rays - painted surface quickly fade and lose their initial gloss. Therefore, if the exterior finish choose this kind of paint, it is best to focus on light shades - effect of burnout will not be as noticeable.
  • Freshly applied paint produces a steady unpleasant smell, and it disappears soon.
  • The dyed oil paint surface dries sufficiently long, so that at the applied layer is not adhered dust particles, such finishes must be done at calm weather, and, in view of 1 ÷ 2 days for drying.
  • The maximum duration of the operation of the oil coating is not more than 6 ÷ 7 years, and this period may be even significantly less under adverse environmental conditions.

alkyd paints

Alkyd compositions are based on alkyd varnish, fillers, solvents and ink pigments. As the solvent used most often white spirit, this same solution is added additionally in the case when the paint thickens.

Bank universal alkyd enamel

Bank universal alkyd enamel

The main binder component in these formulations is the alkyd varnish, which may be of two species &# 8212; Phenol and Nitrocellulose. Nitrocellulose lacquer is used most often for the manufacture of paints and community purpose &# 8212; It is a thick resin diluted in a solvent which is added glycerol and rosin oil.

Fillers are added to the solution, often are such materials as milled into flour granite and marble chips, sand or other materials with similar characteristics.

Alkyd paints, coatings produced degree of elasticity significantly superior oil

Alkyd paints, coatings produced degree of elasticity significantly superior oil

Alkyd paints have good elasticity and durability of the painted surface quickly dries - this period is 6 ÷ 12 hours, depending on humidity and ambient temperature. Surfaces coated with this paint, during operation does not burn out, the applied layer does not shrink.

Enamels made based alkyd paints are labeled according to their purpose, and, accordingly, differ in their properties.

  • Field of application of the alkyd paint is determined by its alphanumeric code. For example, PF-115 can decode coded as follows: PF &# 8212; Nitrocellulose is the basis of the composition, the first digit of "1" means that the paint is designed for outdoor use, and the number "15" - a code of enamel in the catalog. PF-115 solution for wood and metal surfaces - it creates them glossy coating.

The paint marking, except one, are used, and other figures - it is useful to know:

The first digit in the numerical designation kraskiRasshifrovka specific composition
0Priming enamel which is used to prepare surfaces for painting.
2Interior paint, suitable for heated and unheated rooms.
3Enamel, intended for temporary oplombirovki equipment. they are often called conservation structures.
4Enamel with strong water resistant and hydrophobic properties.
5Colorful formulations with specific properties - glowing in the dark, and other rodent repellent.
6Oil-resistant paint.
7Enamels with high resistance to aggressive chemical environments.
8Compositions enhanced thermal stability.
9Paints with special qualities -elektroizolyatsionnye or conversely conductive enamel.

Alkyd paints are different low price that, in principle, and determines their rather successful - that this criterion is often a determinant in the choice of the composition. In addition to the advantages include the following:

  • Such colors - good weatherability, high and low temperatures, in the range of -50 to +60 degrees.
  • A variety of options - compositions may be opaque, semi-matt or glossy. For outdoor works perfect gloss paint, as they have a longer service life - about 20% longer than other alkyd enamels;

However, inherent in alkyd paints, and numerous shortcomings that must be taken into account when choosing the material for decoration wooden facade.

  • Such paints are flammable compositions, that is, the degree of flammability of the building increases.
  • In alkyd paints - a very low resistance to an alkaline environment, and with modern precipitation - is not uncommon.
  • Over time, the applied coating becomes brittle, loses luster gloss, and it appears cobweb yellowing and cracks.
Alkyd paint freshly painted surfaces may be rich in saturated colors. But in the external application that beauty - not too durable.

Alkyd paint freshly painted surfaces may be rich in saturated colors. But in the external application that beauty - not too durable.

Dimensional parameters to be coated WALLSlengthheight2016-09-29_232704


window openingsPLANNED USE PAINTS

The technology of applying an acrylic paint on a wooden facade

Before you begin the process of staining the facade, walls need to prepare the surface, and it does not matter, the new home will be exposed to the finish, or have "experienced".

Preparation for painting and paint application is carried out step by step, in several stages:

IllyustratsiyaKratkoe description of the operation being performed
pdg1The first step is carried out audit of the surfaces to be painted.
If the building is new, the boards must be treated sandpaper until smooth.
Works are made using a grinding machine (eccentric, as shown, tape or vibration) to which is fixed grit sandpaper № 60 ÷ 80 for primary treatment.
For secondary processing, providing surface smoothness, used paper № 120 grit.
pdg2In the event that the house used for the cladding siding with the grooves in the panels joints work more complicated - they sweep by a special corner nozzle.
pdg3If the acrylic paint will be applied to the facade of the old house, previously trimmed another kind of paint, acrylic, or the same, but have already begun to flake off from the wall, then to achieve the desired result, end of life will have to clean off the coating.
Large areas of the walls are cleaned using the same grinder, and fine carved details, such as trim, have cleaned by hand with a spatula, sandpaper or with heating layers of old building hairdryer.
pdg4The next step wooden walls should be primed.
For this purpose, experienced craftsmen are advised to choose a primer on acrylic-based antiseptics. Thanks to this composition can be avoided in the blue timber and fungal structures, increase the adhesion between the materials, to provide a cost-effective application of paints and distribution, significantly reducing the total consumption.
Acrylic primer applied in two layers, with a time interval of about two hours, but not less, as the primary layer should be well absorbed and to dry before being applied second.
pdg5If the primer is processed Planking log or frame, then the ends of the logs or timber it is recommended to use a special formulation designed specifically for such purposes.
pdg6While primer on facade surfaces will be dry, it is possible to do the selection of paint colors - you can do it yourself or having special equipment to turn to professionals.
pdg7Here it should be noted that the color white is able to protect the wood from UV rays, but not necessarily to the walls were white.
The main thing is to be present in the paint chosen for the staining of the facade.
However, the creation of the desired shade is still held at the base of white basis.
pdg8Then, a first layer of paint applied to the surface of the walls.
It do not too thick, but it should cover the entire finished surface.
Full drying period before application of the second layer always points to the manufacturer of the packaging container.
pdg9Next a coat of paint must be applied after drying the first and completely block the translucent color of wood.
Staining may be carried out not only with a brush, but a roller or a sprayer.
It is very important good paint over all remote places, and this is done by hand, using a narrow brush.

How to choose acrylic paint for wooden facade

Criteria for selection of paint

In DIY stores you can find a variety of paint products manufacturer as a "heavyweight" in the field of the construction market, as well as little known. And to make the right choice, it is necessary to keep under review the criteria that must comply with acrylic paint.

Criterion otsenkiNa what to look for
WeatherproofDamage paint layer must reliably protect the wood surface from rain, wind and dust. In addition, it is important to take into account the winter and summer temperatures, as well as their differences.
On the packaging the composition of those data should be indicated.
Poor quality paint, having survived the first winter, begins to crack and crumble.
It is clear that a prerequisite is the selection of paint designed specifically for outdoor use (can meet some, but also quite understandable term - weatherproof).
UV protectionUltraviolet rays have a negative impact on all the materials, plus the effect is also enhanced if the paint is resistant to moisture. Together, these factors destroy the finishing layer, so the exterior paint should be resistant to their effects.
In addition, intermittent UV-resistant paint quickly lose brightness, and has assumed a whitish plaque.
Therefore, you should choose foods that have in their composition special components that can reflect the sun's rays or exhibit inertness to their influence.
durability coatingTo apply color coat has served as long as possible, it is necessary that it has a margin of safety, that is to durability parameters were slightly higher than necessary for the specific region.
The durability of the coatingThe period during which the manufacturer guarantees the coverage of their decorative and protective qualities, usually stated in the passport and on the product packaging.
Clearly, the better the paint, so its service life is longer.
The presence of antiseptic additivesEven if the wall had been previously treated with primers antiseptic compositions, it is recommended to choose the paint, which also includes a special additive to prevent biological decomposition of wood, its defeat and microflora or insects.

If the package is not enough information about the characteristics of the paint, then the seller should always be a quality certificate for the product and (or) the plant passport on the batch of goods - all the necessary data can be found in these documents.

Recommended grade acrylic exterior paints for wood

On today's construction market paint production represented by many foreign and domestic companies, and the lack of range there. Therefore, it is possible to select a sample of the color you want and at a reasonable price. But preference is definitely recommended to give trusted brands have earned an unqualified reputation for quality and durability of its products.

The name and logo paint brendaHarakteristiki
brk1Manufacturer - "Tex", a joint company Russia - Finland.  
Paints of this company for dyeing wood surfaces have a high vapor permeability and resistance to ultraviolet rays.
"Tex" produces two types of acrylic-based inks for external application for wooden walls:
- «Reinacrylat-Fassadenfarbe» - is an acrylic emulsion having a delicious adhesion timber;
- «Hybrid-Silikat-Fassadenfarbe» - more modern and sophisticated, created using nanotechnology acrylic-silicone-silicate paint containing ceramic additive. This option creates a more durable coating that can very reliably protect the wood from external atmospheric aggressions. 
brk2«Tikkurila», Finland. - This world famous company is very popular in Russia, thanks to the high quality of its products, including - and for painting wooden surfaces.
Over the years the company has developed a large number of new shades of paint, which are presented in a large range in DIY stores.
The company "Tikkurila's" makes ink acrylate type "Piha Teho", which is specially designed for painting of wooden facades.
brk3"Olekolor" - a Russian company that produces modern, alkyd, enamel and acrylic emulsions having different applications.
From acrylics emulsions for wooden facades deserves special attention semi embodiment, wherein a high hiding power and resistance to the external environment.
brk4The Russian company, used in the manufacture of paint products the latest developments, has 20 years of experience in this field and in that time has received deserved recognition among consumers.
The range of colors of "Rogneda" have compositions produced on different bases, as well as special purpose ink, for example, "Rogneda PIREX», which is a fire-retardant embodiment, can protect the wood, not only from the fire, but also from the mold and harmful insects, because it has a pronounced antiseptic qualities.
This paint is made on the basis of acrylic and forms on the treated surfaces lasting durable coating which is resistant to aging.
Another set of acrylic paints intended for use in different areas - a "Rogneda DALI». Facade paints, wood from this line the most resistant to temperature, to a variety of contaminants and abrasive loads.
Due to the fact that the composition of inks include special substances, so-called UV filters, the painted surface is not afraid of color fading, and keeps the original color for years to come.
brk5«NEOMID», Russia. This company is quite well known in the domestic market of paint and varnish products, as it is one of the best manufacturers of paints for wood to be used in different areas of residential construction.
So, for the wooden facade, the manufacturer produces acrylic protective varnish «NEOMID Exterior». The product has excellent antiseptic properties, is resistant to weathering. Due to its characteristics, the varnish can be applied even on non-primed surface.
The varnish is transparent, so well suited in cases where the decision to maintain the exterior structure and natural shades of wood.
The lifetime of the varnish is not less than 10 years.
brk6The Russian company "Senezh" is one of the leading manufacturers of tools for the protection and finishing of wooden surfaces.
To cover the wooden facades of the company made 16 shades "Senezh Akvadekor" acrylic paint. This product can also be used for interior finishing, since it does not contain any harmful substances.
Said paint is highly resistant to aggressive external natural and technogenic influences, so perfectly keeps the wood from ultraviolet rays, as well as various types of rainfall (including - with a high content of acid or alkali) and wind.
In addition, the ink composition includes antiseptic substance that effectively protect the wood structure from damage by insects or fungus.
brk7The Russian company «SUPER DEKOR» has not managed to gain fame, but it can claim to be one of the leading positions, as manufactures products with a very high performance.
Paints are composed of antiseptic components, so the coating becomes a reliable protection of wood against mold, mildew, rot, and bundles.
Strength and elasticity of the coating generated by using this paint added natural rubber components included in it.
brk8Company from Greece «ISOMAT» in the paints and varnishes market since 1980.
During the activity it developed and put into production more than 300 kinds of materials used in construction, including paints for coating wood surfaces.
Excellent quality differs exterior paint based on acrylic «ISOMAT-ACRYL», having high moisture resistance and durability. And the palette of this type of paint has 1950 shades of different colors, allowing you to choose the right option suitable for the intended design of the facade design.
brk9History of the Austrian activities of the company «ADLER» is more than 75 years, during which time the product has earned an excellent reputation in many countries.
Coating materials «ADLER» are made on high-tech equipment with the use of innovative technological approaches. Therefore, paint for interior and exterior applications on wood «ADLER Lignovit Color» is characterized by excellent quality and creates on the walls of the coating that can withstand even extreme weather conditions.
Paint is elastic, so over time on the painted surface is not formed cracks.
This composition is used not only for the walls of the facade - it is quite suitable for painting wooden fences, doors and frames, as well as garden furniture.
brk10German company «Alpina» with more than a century of experience in producing various paint formulations, and other construction materials intended for interior and exterior finishing.
So, the technology company has developed and put into production the first paint, soluble in cold water «Alpinaweiss», which translates as "alpine white".
Acrylic paint for wooden facades are distinguished by their environmental friendliness, resistance to external impacts, the shock to the mechanical load and abrasion, expressed hydrophobicity.
brk12The Swedish company «BECKERS» positions itself as the manufacturer of the purest in terms of ecology paints on the European market. The company's laboratories developed new products and improve the one that already has earned the recognition of the consumer.
For painting facades «BECKERS» offers acrylic «Perfekt Akrylatfarg», which is universal, because it can be used not only for timber but also for concrete, metal, brick, and even drywall.
The advantage of this structure can be called and that it has a high adhesion to previously painted surfaces - a new layer from it will not crack or lose its declared as a manufacturer.
In addition, this paint may well be used for internal work, because it is completely environmentally friendly.
brk11And again - Finland, the company «TEKNOS» - the largest producer of paints and varnishes.
Production capacity of the Group are located in several countries, including in Russia.
Paint, manufactured by «TEKNOS» is also famous for its ecological purity and high quality, which is confirmed by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and copies of which must be the seller.
The company is considered a leader in the manufacture of paints, intended to cover the timber. 30 years ago a water-soluble acrylic paint manufacturer has been established that due to its excellent quality still used for coloring the window frames on an industrial scale.
brk13Producer - USA. Company «ACE Hardware Corporation», offers the construction market innovative paint products manufactured on high-tech equipment. The manufacturer is constantly expanding its product range, increasing the color gamut of products offered.
For wood facades company offers acrylic-latex paint «ACE Contractor Pro Interior Wall Paint» - it is also suitable for covering plaster, concrete and metal surfaces, so it could be called universal.
This type of paint - is quite popular in private construction as well as a large construction business, as it has excellent performance in the long term does not lose its protective and decorative qualities and excellent protection for painted surfaces from any external negative influences.

Thus, water-soluble acrylic paint is an excellent option for finishing wooden facade. But it would be fair only if used really high-quality material that meets all the criteria of suitability for external finishes, taking into account the climatic characteristics of the region.

At the end of the publication - an informative video about the advantages of «Tikkurila» paint, and it is in the area of ​​finishing wooden facades.

Video: «Tikkurila» paint for wooden facades